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♪Let's all live under a Happy Sky♥
Bartender episode 1 
22nd-Feb-2011 12:47 am
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Hello everyone~ No I have not been dead. Just my laziness causing the lack of updates. = A = Anyhow, I have started watching Aiba's new drama Bartender.owo I have been awaiting the release of this since I first heard it was going to air! It starts off with there being news that Aiba who worked as a bartender in France, quits and is missing. The lead female character Miwa just happens to "run into" him and recognizes him immediately. He later breaks her glasses accidentally, and she tells him to pay with his body. Rofl I love when people say that in dramas or in any situation because it's so misleading. XD It almost never means what I think it does. Then there's her grandfather who had a friend that was a bartender that passed away. And apparently since, he deems any drink he is given bad. >__>;; He gets the bartenders (who work at the hotel he owns) to make him numerous drinks, yet none of them is good enough. Miwa then brings Aiba in and tells her father that he'll make him a drink; partly as a repayment for breaking her glasses. Even though AIba is a professional at making drinks, her father sill refuses them for whatever reason. ._. Finally, after making many drinks, Miwa's grandfather says he likes one. After that, he tells Aiba the "secret to being a true bartender". And from here on I suppose Miwa and Aiba's relationship will progress further on heh heh~ =w= I can't wait until the next episode is subbed. c: 2 more have already come out, I believe but I've seen no sign of a subbed version. Oh, and I just thought I'd leave this here :

His face lol. He's so shocked when she says that. XD I'll try and update more this week, since it's only a 4 day week. :3

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23rd-Feb-2011 12:29 am (UTC)
i watched Bartender too :)
so far so good
sucks to see dramas being streamed to dramacrazy
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