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♪Let's all live under a Happy Sky♥
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9th-Jul-2012 03:38 pm - R E T U R N ★
Hello everyone. It has been quite some time since I have been on here, but I'm back finally. In this past year, a lot has been going on I have been dealing with a lot of personal issues. ^^;; During that time, I thought about quitting blogging and deleting this blog. I have decided that I would like to stay on lj as I realized that being away from here for so long was a huge mistake! I hope you all can understand my feelings, I'm so sorry to f-list for being gone. Since it's summer vacation right now, I'll have a lot more time to be on here and make more entries, although my life is pretty uneventful right now. :< In any case, there will be some changes to this blog content wise, as in I will post more personal entries as well, but I'll put them under a cut so that you don't have to read them if you don't want to. I am very happy to be back and look forward to reading all of f-list's entries! ;w; (I am so sorry for my absence once again!)
25th-Feb-2011 11:50 pm - Not the reality I wanted. :c
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I was going to update this a few days ago, but I honestly did't feel like it. Alexander and Kibum are leaving U-Kiss. Or they have already left, rather. T____T Seriously, this has just been some of the worst news this year; they were definitely on of my favorite groups and they were the last ones I expected to loose members. And the worst part is it's because their company wants them to. It's not even their own decision, except for Alexander because of his own personal reasons. This is really upsetting news... I don't even know what to say other than I hope Kibum and Xander the best on their new path. This may sound a little silly, but I can't help crying. I had really high hopes for them

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22nd-Feb-2011 12:47 am - Bartender episode 1
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Hello everyone~ No I have not been dead. Just my laziness causing the lack of updates. = A = Anyhow, I have started watching Aiba's new drama Bartender.owo I have been awaiting the release of this since I first heard it was going to air! It starts off with there being news that Aiba who worked as a bartender in France, quits and is missing. The lead female character Miwa just happens to "run into" him and recognizes him immediately. He later breaks her glasses accidentally, and she tells him to pay with his body. Rofl I love when people say that in dramas or in any situation because it's so misleading. XD It almost never means what I think it does. Then there's her grandfather who had a friend that was a bartender that passed away. And apparently since, he deems any drink he is given bad. >__>;; He gets the bartenders (who work at the hotel he owns) to make him numerous drinks, yet none of them is good enough. Miwa then brings Aiba in and tells her father that he'll make him a drink; partly as a repayment for breaking her glasses. Even though AIba is a professional at making drinks, her father sill refuses them for whatever reason. ._. Finally, after making many drinks, Miwa's grandfather says he likes one. After that, he tells Aiba the "secret to being a true bartender". And from here on I suppose Miwa and Aiba's relationship will progress further on heh heh~ =w= I can't wait until the next episode is subbed. c: 2 more have already come out, I believe but I've seen no sign of a subbed version. Oh, and I just thought I'd leave this here :

His face lol. He's so shocked when she says that. XD I'll try and update more this week, since it's only a 4 day week. :3

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1st-Jan-2011 12:21 pm - Happy New Year!★
Happy new year everyone! ;w; Hopefully this year will be better than the last.♥

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19th-Dec-2010 06:57 pm - Winter break. =w=
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It's finally winter break! I'm so happy~ ;o; I get the next 2 weeks from school off and my birthday is this week! I'll finally be turning 15. owo I don't really have any plans this break, I'm probably just going to stay home. My parents were thinking about taking me to disneyland, but it's been raining all week, and they don't want to go there when it's raining. ;A; Look like I'm going to spend another boring birthday at home. orz I dunno. Hopefully I'll get to go somewhere. I really don't want to stay at home all the time. I'm going to look for a new drama to watch since I finished watching smiling pasta. I have a list of dramas that I want to watch, but I'm not sure which one to start with. I think I'll watch The Wallflower since I've been meaning to watch that for quite a while. I've read the manga and it's quite interesting! * U * Well anyways, I hope everyone has a great christmas & happy holidays in advance!~

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